24MB05T ModBus RTU I/O XTR Module

Expansion module 3 DI/ 2DO/ 1AI



The 24MB05T is an innovative device that provides simple and cost-effective expansion of the number of inputs and outputs. This module is connected to the RS485 bus with a twisted pair wire. Communication is done via MODBUS RTU. Using an 8-bit AVR® RISC-based processor ensures fast processing and fast communication. The baud rate is configurable from 38400 to 115200. The module is designed for DIN rail mounting in accordance with DIN EN 5002. The configuration and modification of the module parameters is done via the MODBUS protocol.


In most cases, IO modules will be installed in a panel along with other devices that generate electromagnetic radiation. Examples of these devices are relays and contactors, transformers, motor controllers, etc. This electromagnetic radiation can induce electrical noise in both power and signal lines, as well as direct radiation into the module, causing negative effects on the system. Propper grounding, shielding and other protective steps must be taken at the installation stage to prevent these effects. These protective measures include control cabinet grounding, module grounding, cable shield grounding, protective elements for electromagnetic switching devices, proper wiring, and consideration of cable types and their cross-sections.


In data communication lines, problems involving reflections and signal attenuation are common.
To eliminate cable end reflections, the cable must be terminated at both ends with a resistor equal to the line impedance. Both ends must be terminated as the direction of extension is bidirectional. In the case of RS485 twisted pair cable, this coupling is typically 120 Ω.

The device has an internal 120Ω resistor that can be switched on by means of a jumper.

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