Ultrasonic Equipment For Plastics Welding


 The MPI Ultrasonic Welding Press series is the industry leader in this class of industrial devices with its  adaptive auto-tunable digital ultrasonic welding technology for plastic and advanced functionality with  various levels and process control options.


• Fast cyclic times
• High accuracy
• High repeatability
• Multifunctional equipment
• The parts are easily recycled
• Environmentally safe
• No added material
No consumables

PRESSAMPI offers ultrasonic assembling systems with a variety of power and digital models, adaptive and precise welding process control, various levels of functionality to suit your needs and applications. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure in the reliable operation and precise control.

In addition, system power supply offers different levels of welding mode control (time, energy, peak power, distance), four output ultrasonic frequencies (20, 30 or 40 kHz) as well as the flexibility to combine with one of several options for the vertical movement of the ultrasonic stack and a variety of options to control the exact performance level and other parameters of your application.

MPI's ultrasonic welding presses can be adapted to automation systems or used as a stand alone complete system.

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The official trade representative of MPI LTD is Advancium LTD